Success through cooperation

Evoke is a reliable partner for companies that are looking for talented professionals. We help clients find suitable people who can make a valuable contribution to the organisation.

Our approach

The labour market is changing and there is increasing demand for talented staff. However, talent is a scarce commodity and the modern work ethic is based on a new - often temporary - interaction between employers and professionals. Evoke understands the dynamics of this process. Secondment offers organisations a solution for deploying professionals on a short-term or long-term basis. Whatever your needs - specialist knowledge, extra capacity or simply a new and fresh look at things - we are capable of putting forward the right candidate in response to your requirements, objectives and ambitions. We do so based on a mix of experience, understanding of the market and The Human Capital Cloud. We believe that successful organisations are the result of cooperation between the right people.

Our Branches

  • Food Industry
  • Energy
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Performance Materials
  • Food Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Industry
  • Maritime Industry
  • Non-residential Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Urban Planning

    The advantages of Evoke

    The Human Capital Cloud

    Like computing in the cloud, the Human Capital Cloud provides online on-demand access to a pool of talented professionals, students and Evoke alumni. This extensive network of professionals allows us to respond quickly and find the right candidate.

    360 Degree Approach

    Our 360 Degree Approach ensures that we get to know the person behind the professional. As a result, we offer all organisations a match which adds value both professionally and at a personal level.


    Evoke offers flexibility in order to deploy the right talented person at the right time. As a result, companies are able to optimise their HR process for taking on new employees in permanent or temporary positions.

    Reliable partner

    Because organisations primarily focus on their own goals and objectives, their knowledge of the professionals who are available on the labour market is sometimes sketchy. Having a reliable partner with a strong network is essential for all companies that target innovation.


    By challenging professionals to get the best out of themselves, Evoke ensures that they deliver added value for the company where they work. We provide coordination, offer educational and training opportunities and evaluate their performance during the contract.


    Our technical professionals possess all the knowledge and skills required for contributing innovatively to the companies for which they work. Furthermore, the excellent training and education opportunities we offer ensure that their expertise remains up-to-date.


    Do you have any questions about Evoke, or would you like more information about our approach? Please contact one of our Relation Managers. They will be delighted to help!