We create connections, you grow

You want your career to be a success story. Evoke understands this desire. We are there to help you achieve your goals. To put our heads together and find out how you can develop in your professional field.

Our approach

To help you develop a successful career, Evoke uses intelligent techniques to bring together ambitious professionals and interesting clients.

We create successful connections time after time. They offer you the opportunity of achieving your professional objectives and the companies you work for grow thanks to your knowledge and skills. Secondment is the chosen method in most cases: you can acquire a great deal of experience in a short period of time while benefiting from the security of working for a trusted employer.


Whether it is electronics, construction or supply chain management: we love to work with both our head and our hands.

Evoke is focussed on three industries: construction & infrastructure, technology and supply chain & logistics. This focus allows us to keep a clear overview and develop only the right experiences. This means that we are always up to date with the market: we know where the opportunities are, what the ambitions are of the big companies and how these would fit your wishes. This is how we get you in the right place.

Your application


We believe that successful organisations are the result of cooperation between the right people. So our policy is to get to know you first as a person in order to accurately assess which companies and which assignments will suit you best.


Good preparation is the key to success. So we provide tips and information to help you prepare effectively for your application. If both you and the client are positive, we will be delighted to welcome you to Evoke.

Start your assignment

When you start working for Evoke, we regularly contact you to assess whether your career is going in the right direction and whether you are offered adequate opportunities for achieving your ambitions.

The advantages of Evoke


Personal touch

We are curious about the person behind the job title and interested in your character, hobbies, ambitions and motivation.


The Human Capital Cloud

This is our extensive network of professionals, Evoke alumni and Evoke clients. It allows us to respond quickly and assign you to the right posting.


Excellent terms and conditions

We offer excellent terms and conditions of employment and fringe benefits as a matter of course. A competitive fixed salary, a generous pension scheme and collective discounts off individual insurance policies are part of the package.


Further education opportunities

During your career with Evoke, we offer you personal guidance, advice and further education opportunities so that you can continue to learn throughout your career.



Evoke challenges you to get the best out of yourself. This increases your value as a professional and ensures that you generate greater value for the company where you work.


Variation combined with security

Evoke offers varied work with different employers. So each and every assignment is a new challenge where you can acquire knowledge and experience.


Do you have any questions about Evoke, or would you like more information about our approach? Please contact one of our Relation Managers. They will be delighted to help!